Saturday, March 08, 2008

Spring, Korean, Lucy, Party Dreams

Could it be spring? The flowers at Hamilton have begun to bloom. Smith & Hawking had their 1st sample sale of the year. They have some simpling amazing deals but you have to be vigilant like it's Arnold in Jingle all the Way. A lot of the best deals get snagged up in the first 2 minutes and even more by employees who can shop before the buying is open to public. They had these big nice chairs... What would you call a single occupancy sofa? $50. Full metal lawn tables. $50. If you were a sculptor I bet you could melt that table down and find yourself with more than $50 worth of metal. There was this shed that looked like an outhouse. I didn't look at the price. Someone had already stickered it with their marker. I ended up with a cute squirrel thing crafted from dyed weeds or something? I forgot to take a picture (monday) but when I brought to the register, the guy looks at me, looks at the squirrel and says "ah, you can just have that." Score! Free crap!

Han Il Kwan
. Score, this Korean place is only two blocks from my house! And it's quite good to boot. Much closer of a walk than My Tofu House. Better selection. Beer! KBBQ. Oh and I would say cheaper too because My Tofu House is crazy and has inflated their prices. In attendance: Anthony, Kevin, and Jeremy



Seafood Dol Sot Bi Bim Bop (FTW)

Free soup too!

Chap Jae (FTW)

Seafood Pancake. I like the pancake at the other place better.

We then went to the Rickshaw Stop for some music. The bands didn't start till like 11:30pm? Blah. This is me being bored. In the dark.

Lucy and the Popsonics from Brazil. Sang in Portugese.

And this crazy get up of Gil Mantera's Party Dream

Electronic + Costumes + some Music.

And devolving to underwear. Pretty entertaining folks. Except I could have had gone without the beer mist fountain spray delivered by the singer. Saw some sad crowd surfing. Why is that guy wearing sun glasses? At night? Loser.


bittermelon said...

han il kwan is my fave korean in the city, hands down. i also had john campbell's chicken curr pastie that morning too! took my dad and sis there. never thought i'd see my dad loving shepherds pie so much.

Gabe said...

Just FYI for your vocab:
Seafood BBB = Hae Mul Bi Bim Bap (pronounced Hay Mool)
Pancakes = Pa jeon (pronounced Pah Juhn)

Good Korea food in walking distance is a good thing.