Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vaction 08 Directory


Day 0: Travel
Day 1: Arrival, Hainanese Chicken, Swimming, Belgium food?
Day 2: ABC Brickworks, Sentosa Island, Food Republic
Day 3: Orchard St, Takashimaya & Eng Seng Crab
Day 4: Chinatown, Clarke Quay, Fish Bee Hoon
Day 5: Singapore Zoo, home meal
Day 6: In sick & Chomp Chomp food centre.
Day 7: Little India, Arab St, Haji Lane, Night Safari

Shanghai, et al

Day 8: Travel to Shanghai, Shanghainese food.
Day 9: Shanghai Lunch, Locations I need to find the names to, Nanjing Dong Lu
Day 10: Shanghai Old Town, The Bund
Day 11: Shanghai Eats, start of our tour journey
Day 12: Outside of Shanghai, Shao Xing
Day 13: Shao Xing, Lu Xun Native Place, Yao Ling Caves, Han Zhou
Day 14: Han Zhou, Xi Hu, Qin He Fang, "Impressions," Funny faces
Day 15: Feng Qiao Lu, Mudu, Su Zhou, Garden homes galore, 98 picture extravaganza
Day 16: Su Zhou Museum, Back to Shanghai, Last Dinner


Day 17: to Beijing, Best Beijing Roast Duck in the WORLD
Day 18: part 1 Some park, Olympic Village
Day 18: part 2 Pangu 7 Star Hotel VIP experience
Day 19: Forbidden City, Tiananmen Sq, Hot Pot Ave, Centro Bar & Lounge
Day 20: Great Wall of China, Korean Tourist trap, 13 Ling Tombs
Day 20: Meeting Mr. Terracota Ming Soldier - the mini comic.
Day 21: Hutong, more gardens, Wangfuge, Wangfujing, The Egg
Day 22: 798 Art district, Lame market, Marco Polo Bridge, Hou Hai
Day 23: Return of the Duck, Sanlitun, Sunworld Dynasty Dinner, Wangfujing Food Market

Hong Kong

Day 24: Hong Kong, Kowloon, Victoria Peak
Day 25: Repulse Bay, Stanley Plaza, the Gallop Restaurant
Day 26: Macau
Day 27: More good eats, High Tea @ the Peninsula, Temple St. Night Market
Day 28: Jockey Club, Homeward bound

Jockey Club, Going Home: Day 28

Ma & Ba headed out before us. Zhang shushu had a funny technique for getting people to smile in pictures. "Say SEX!" here he is saying it.

Moon Koon Restaurant @ the Jockey Club

The race track. It's spectacularly large and grand.

Dim Sum, here we come

Curry fried rice. It was a nice meal and Zhang shushu was a gracious host but it was a long month and I was ready to go home.

So long Hong Kong

Hello San Francisco, see the red star? That's me.

And Treasure Island, where I used to live.

Oakland / Alameda. Finally done posting these pictures!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Food, Peninsula High Tea, Temple St. Night Market: Day 27


Bo Lo Bao

Hong Kong Milk Tea

Maria <3's Bo Lo Bao

Ma used to love Dan Ta (Chinese Egg Custards) until everyone thought they needed to buy her a dozen everytime they saw her.

and for Lunch

Wet Market

Tea time at the Peninsula Hotel

very posh

very good


Matcha crumbed creme.

Happy times

Jade Market

Temple St. Night Market

Juice stand. We ended up just grabbing some dinner from the Sogo department store food court/market. I just got some unagi.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Macau: Day 26

Ever see Chungking Express?

Shopping for a new camera.

Dim Sum! Is Hong Kong not the home of dim sum?

more Tie Guan Ying

what to eat?

what to eat?

so beautiful...

Char Sui Bao. No better than in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - Macau Ferry Terminal

Ferry to Macau

Leaving Hong Kong (English Colony)

Entering Macau (Portuguese Colony)

They built an artificial volcano. That doesn't even work. insane.

Lobby of the Grand Lisboa Casino

Floor at the Grand Lisboa - ninja photography.

Largo do Senado / Senado Square
Edificio do Lead Senado / "Leal Senado" Building

Correios General Post Office

The restaurant Zhang shushu wanted to take us to was closed for renovations.

So we found another one...

yum, but Zhang shushu says the other place is better.

Fresh OJ

Igreja de San Domingos / St. Dominic's Church

Rua Do Cunha? Da San Bai in Chinese. It's the road that goes up to...

Ruinas de Sao Paulo / Ruins of St. Paul's Church

This is the big landmark site of Macau. The facade of an old burnt down Cathedral.

Grand Lisboa Casino from afar. It's a pretty ridiculous building.

Fortaleza do Monte / Fort Mount

In front of the museum at the top of Fort Mount

Assassin's Creed anyone?

Back down Rua do Cunha (?)

Mmmm... Macau pork sliders.

Residential Alley

Pasteis de Nata / Portugese Egg Tart

Everywhere you go, ladies shoving beef jerky in your face with tongs.

Milk Tea Boba @ Cafe E.S. Kimo

The library?

Ponte de Sai Van

Macau Tower

The Venetian in Macau

Maria (who studies Venetian Renaissance art) says the only thing they got right was these floor tiles.

A replica of the Campanile / Bell Tower in Venice. Two stories too short and not the same base.

Crazy construction going on all over the island

Another sloppy replica of Ponte di Rialto

Still cool to see, insane they made all this. The Venetian in Macau is the 2nd largest building in the world after the Boeing Building where they make airplanes.

Indoors, David's friend has a Brazilian restaurant here but Zhang shushu had a Portuguese restaurant he wanted to take us to.

random lady singing opera in window.

Manchester United Store? I didn't see a Liverpool store.

Back outside at night time


Ma loves short ribs.

Lamb chops

Coconut juice

Casino madness @ the Rio

I see you

You see me

Casino insanity at the Casino Lisboa

And finally casino madsanity at the Grand Lisboa Casino

Zhang shushu says there are 5 million light bulbs in the lower base. Madsanity.

Not Sparta