Thursday, October 09, 2008

Singapore: Day 6

Still sick, I will instead fill this space with pictures from Grace's window. From Dawn...

to sunrise...

To sun up...

Then to torrential rains...

maybe it was good I stayed home.

And bright clear skies again.

Dinner took us to the Chomp Chomp food centre.

yum, Chinese chicken wings.

Can you believe these glasses of grass jelly and dou jiang are as big as our heads?

Hokkein Prawn Mee #2

Stingray meat is long and chewy. Halfway between fish and regular meat.


A better carrot cake.


Blanched cockles.

Not too appetizing. The spit all this blod out when you stab them. I eat 2-3 and determined there wasn't anything particular good or bad about them so I stopped eating.

inferior Satay

She finished the whole thing! Can you believe it?

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