Sunday, October 19, 2008

Su Zhou Museum, Shanghai: Day 16

The courtyard at the Suzhou hotel. Last night there was a lady playing the Guzheng here, aka Chinese Harp, aka that stringed instrument from Kung Fu Hustle has shoots swords and skeletons.

Here Ma is telling Xiao Yang a joke to get him to smile. Most people laugh like "hahaha" but Xiao Yang laughs like "ha. ha. ha." Even though he had heard the joke before, he had pretty big smile hearing it.

Yes it is.

This museum was designed by the world famous architect I.M. Pei. You may know him from such buildings as the "Dagger of China" in Hong Kong or that giant glass pyramid in front of the Louvre in Paris.

The lobby was quite nice.

A guide said the ceiling was only something like 6 meters tall even though it looked like it was 10 meters tall. Regardless of perspective tricks, I call B.S. The wall up to this middle section itself (see above pic) was at least 6 meters. More in my opinion.

A modern "moutain and water" painting.

The guide was mind numbing so Maria and I got an audio tour headset that we shared. While sometimes informative, the audio tour was considerably lacking providing very little useful or interesting informaiton.

3 funny anthropomorphic dudes.

5 headed pot

Jade bull with crazy kid on butt

Some dudes old desk. Most likely replicas of them.

Another neat hall. No doubt this room is also "6 meters" tall.

A crazy atrium.

with crazy trees.

Maria and I sat to have some tea.

This lion statue has a funny face. And malformed forehead.

Random street.

Random lunch?

Fist sized dumplings. Largest I've ever seen or eaten.

There were endless numbers of mosquitos hanging out on the ceiling. And big ones. Everyone was on constant alert.

And back to our hotel rooms in Shanghai.

Dinner. This place had a strange fish tank. There were also a bunch of wedding banquets happening on a most auspicious of days. 10-18-08 although I'm looking at my post dates and I'm wondering if they are all off by one day.

October birthday girls.

Uncle Alan gives a closing speech.

"Happy happy" was the theme and motto of this tour group. The frequent call used in toasts.

Ba and Ma went to go meet an old friend.

While waiting, Ba is seen here clapping and cheering a set of Philips "booth-babe" dancers. :-D

Maria, Uncle Xiao Guan, I at Xing Tian Di. I believe the Billiards Lounge "Racks" I went to with Lester was in this area.

At a German bar called Paulinas.

Here we are drinking like USD$10 beer so it's really for tourists since all the beer we've been having has been like 90 cents. But then again, this beer actually has flavor!

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