Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shanghai: Day 11

Here we are at a "ghetto" Chinese chicken place. I guess Lester called it ghetto for being dirty? In order to get take out, we went downstairs where the kitchen was ordered our food and for the noodles, we had to go to the back noodle area and give them our tickets. It seemed far more complicated than it could have been but oh well. Different strokes for different folks.

On this day, my sister Maria would arrive. Here she is delirious from jet lag and filled with joy for having lunch. Or both.

I dunno what sort of special names these might have. Let's just call them "tasty noodles."

San Jian Bao (not from chicken place) round 3.

Chicken (from chicken place!)

After lunch, we bid adieu to Lester and Teresa. With the tour group assembling, it was time to start a new adventure.

Here is our pretty luxurious room at the Central Hotel in Shanghai.

The big ass window.

And the view.

This was a strange clothes hanging device that made me think of a steering wheel.

I guess it's the steering wheel for a dancing car and I started getting into the groove.

Speaking of grooves, this pretty odd but cool guitar hero monkey was above one of the stores out on Nanjing road. Look at him go!

Fast forward to night time. What could this be?

It's time for food! Look at Maria, full of hope and dreams.

This was a panko breaded deep fried beef. So kind of like beef tempura? A little oily but it's deep fried beef so that's a win in my book!

I love eating savory meats in this clam like bao's. I even think it would nice eating BBQ ribs with these bao.

Another spot of yum. This is like tofu skins tied into a knot.

seafood platter, or as Ming Yen of Novato, CA would call it "happy family"

Although I had fish at Lester's, we will call this the first of many.

Can't remember what was in this soup.

Eggplant Claypot.

Table 1

Table 2 (still full of hope and dreams).

Table 2 was also dubbed "the drinking table," or the "FUN table!" Those are bottles of Huang Jiu (Orange Wine) which is a sweetish drink that Shanghai and its surrounding areas are (among many other things) known for.

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