Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Forbidden City, Tian An Men Sq, Hot Pot Ave: Day 19

Mmmm.... Forbidden City...

We're at the back entrance where the traffic is a lot lighter.

Some familial symmetry.

All the doors are named. This door is called "Gate of Heavenly Enema" At least that's what I think it's called.

The smog was ridiculous and since arriving to Beijing, I had a pretty vicious cough going on.

Woody loves Communism. Or mocks it. One of those two.

Sabrina and 2Yi-Fu. This is near where the emperor lives.

Moving along, we get to the heart of the Forbidden City where you'd find the Emperor's "office." It's just a room with a chair where he meets with people.

Secrets of Forbidden City.

Looking out to the future.

I think this is the throne room? That's quite an Imperial staircase.

I mock Communisim. Or love? It's one of those two.

I'll just guess and call these the "Heavenly Stairs."

Moving towards the front. I think the structure in the distance is the famous "Wu Men" which is the front door.

Forbidden desires... Calvin Klein.

Wu Men. There are 5 doors and Wu is 5 in Mandarin but it might not be the 5 Wu. You might see this in many Chinese movies. There must be a replica used in the movies however because the floor/paving is really rough. You really need to pay attention to where you step or you could twist an ankle or something.

Tiger Style!

Lion Style!

unfortunate pummel horse style.

Yeah, so that is not the symbol Wu for 5. Oh well. I guess it's a coincidence that there are 5 doors.

The famous "Beijing Squat." I'm sure they do that in all parts of China. If you've seen a squat pot toilet in China, you'd understand why this "style" is so natural for them.

Obviously tourists...

Me and Mao

Maria Ze Dong

Tian An Men Sq. sans blood and body parts.

Lunch time. There was a giant hummer outside the restaurant with a China flag emblem on the side. I didn't know what it was for but it seemed somewhat ridiculous.

Not feeling well, I decided to skip Tian Tan Park. It was pretty much this round building and a few others like it. I was later told "good call" as most of this "tour" involved 2 hours of walking and not much else.

Beijing's fake mall. Or one of them.

We part ways to meet up with Maria's friend. Maria and Aunt Polly dreaming of more duck.

Meeting Jun at the subway.

So to meet up with Jun, this is apparently what we missed. The Beijing Hat Passing...

and leggy Plate Spinning extravaganza. ooooh.

Not sure what the street is called but I'm calling it Hot Pot Ave. Oh, it's called Bei Xing Qiao. Robin, Jun, and Maria.

Anywhere there are these red lanterns means that there is a hot pot restaurant there. The whole street is covered in these lanterns, thus Hot Pot Ave.

We ended up choosing this place which serves hot pot "singles." It's like the personal pan pizza of hot pots.

Maria loves hot pot. Or mocks it.

Woody and his friend Simon met up with us later.

David with some fans. Actually when the waiter first showed up at our table (or rather when David showed up since he met us there a bit after we had sat down) the waiter was just staring, smiling, and slacked jawed. Maria yelled in Chinese something like "hey, Mr. "way too happy" how about some service here?!?" One funny thing was that David disappeared during the meal cause he went to go buy some spicy duck snacks "15 minutes away" for our dad and Aunt Polly. He came back like 1 hour later slightly tired and exclaiming "man, that was far!"

Centro Bar & Lounge at the Kerry Centre Shangri-La Hotel. Very nice place and was really busy for a Tuesday.

People kept joining our group left and right. First it was Robin, Jun, Maria, David, and I. Then David's friends Axel and Jody (whom we met on duck night) joined. Then David's friend Peter. Then Woody and Simon caught up with us again. Then Simon's two friends... uh, I want to say Catherine and Andrew but I can't say I remember their names.

Happy times!

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