Sunday, October 05, 2008

Singapore: Day 2

Typical Singapore food centre

Can you guess who "Fatty" is?

Healthy portions of fat on this roasted pork. This plate also features roast duck.

Char Siew

Grace ordered a Wonton Mee

A lot of these fruit stands sell fresh fruit and fresh fruit juices. It's nice to know that fresh fruit is easily accessible.

Fresh soursop juice. Quite fond of its tropical flavor.

Char Kway Teow

That's a lot of Durian!

yellow: Jackfruit
white/green: Guava
red: Papaya

This durian was actually kind of orange in color. There are many different types of durian.

To the right is a normal person's eating portion. My portion is barely perceivable.

This was not bad. The last durian I had was pretty gagtastic. Durian still isn't my thing.

Sentosa Beach

I like silly looking signs.

Must... obey... sign...
There is oddly like a 3-4 hour period of time I didn't take a single picture. A bunch of Grace's friends showed up and there was much volleyballing to be had.

mating fail. I think the peahen is sleeping.

Have you ever heard of Dr. Fish?

Met up with Hendra for some fish reflexology. Neither of us have tried this before.

Washing up...

Here we are ready to dip in.

Grace: spread your toes.
Hendra: ^ (above expression)

And some foot massaging to end things.

Another giant mall at the Waterfront near the bridge to Sentosa.

And the giant mall's giant food centre.

Not quite the same appearance of the other typical food centres.

Hokkein Mee

(requires correct name)

Hendra dips his Yeo Tiao in his Dao Xiao Mee. What a good idea!

The Dao Xiao Mee in Singapore is much more consistent than the one in Toronto so there are no too thick doughy pieces.

(requires correct name)

A typical fruit and dessert display.

An Indonesian dessert. (requires correct name)

A special message from Hendra.

Afterwards, we went back to Sentosa. It was two of Grace's friend's birthdays. Keenan in the middle, and Sheryl on the right in white. We're playing Taboo here. Of course it turned into a drinking game. Two teams would take turns to see how many they could get in 90 seconds. The difference was how much the other team had to drink. 1/2 cup (to share) for each so if one team gets 7 and the other gets 4, the losing team must share 1.5 cups of some mixed drink. My team lost like the last 6 rounds. It was pretty bad.

Little known fact. Grace is quite the party animal. She claims no one wanted to go out to party in SF but even when she last visited, our outings were rather tame.

Down by the Club Del Mar

Relaxing from having to not drink.

Birthday cake.

And people getting thrown into the jacuzzi.

And now the girls. Eventually everyone went in. I was the designated dunker by the birthday girl. It pretty much started out as dunking her (she was always willing to go along) and then her saying "ok, now dunk them!"


t r i p l e eye l i d s said...

- rojak
- wu xiang xia ping (in mandarin)
- putu piring or kueh tutu(not excatly indonesian dessert but malay) :p

eat some nonya food for me!

Deda said...

Ooooh I loved the soursop too... I love the fruits too and the sugar cane drink too! You need to drink so much when you are there. And I want durian tooo!!! TT___TT

Nat you have to go for Kopi and Kaya I loved that stuff!!! And go buy toys!

Hi Hendraaaaa!!! I miss ya!!!

I wanna do that fish thingy too, next time I go Grace!

Gabe said...

This durian was better... the next will be better still, and then before you know it... you, too, will have fallen to the dark side. Do not resist the king of fruits!

enb said...

what the heck!
fish reflexology, clubing?
you live quite the life Nat Loh.
it looks like you went to the same food mall as anthony bourdain did when he did his singapore segment.