Monday, October 20, 2008

The Beijing Super Epic, Part 2 - Pangu 7 Star Hotel: Day 18

Master Lee: as a graduate from National Chung Kung University in Taiwan, Master Lee happened to be a part of our tour group. It was his assistants that got us into the Bird's Nest. It was also that ridiculously large building(s) behind us that he built. Or his architecture firm. Oh, and also some building called the Taipei 101.

Our people mass heading over to Master Lee's Pangu Hotel.

Classmates walking down the street. Master Lee had a sweet pair of Puma sneakers on.

And a GIANT entourage of hotel staff greeted us. Not too many considering the shear size of our group but being in the front of the group, it felt like all 30 or so people at the door were there to attend to me. haha!

So Pangu Hotel is rated as a 7 star hotel. I didn't even know there was anything over 5.

One of the many 7 star hallways.

Walking around the back of the hotel, going into secret entrances.

Touring apartment spaces. If you look back at the top picture, well, you can't see them all but there are 5 buildings to the Pangu Hotel Complex. They aren't all for rent. There are spaces that you can buy and they are building a crazy shopping complex on the ground floor.

The view over Olympic Village

7 star kitchen. Ok, so I guess since you buy these, you don't rate them.

Check out the shower. It just launches torrential rain over you. I think they said something like this shower package costs like $40,000. FORTY?!? I must have mis-remembered.

Even though there is a mirror to make it look bigger, this walk in closet is the size of many San Francisco studio apartments.

Gotcha! Photographer gets photographed!

Of course, the same goes for me.

Here is an unfinished penthouse suite. It comes with its own Chinese style courtyard.

I wasn't kidding when I said courtyard. Check this shit out. This is from the second floor.

The view of the main "dragon" building from below.

More courtyard action.

Oh hai there.

Courtyard fountain.

Ridiculous opulence.


Gothca again! I didn't include and indoor pictures. Much of the same plus check out what's next.

This place is so big, we have to take trams to get from building to building.


This was a ~$2500 / night room.

and for that price, you get to wash your face in a questionably shaped sink.

Next door was the Presidential Suite which I think was 18800 RMB which is $2800 / night.

I must have been hassling this attendent. Oh right, I was trying to asking who had stayed in this room but he wouldn't tell me. Or rather politely avoided my question.


And a pretty nice view while you bathe.

When one dinner table isn't enough...

Presidential 7 Star balcony. I wonder if cactus balcony decoration is a requirement for 7 star accredidation.

Presidential wine selection

"Let me out!"

This is their bar/lounge. Again, I should say "one of their" bars/lounges.

I guess this is building 4 of 5?

This is where the shops will go. The passage is so tall and long. And the lights give it a Death Star feel.

Water Cube at night.

At the base of the "dragon" building. I say "dragon" because that's what it's supposed to resemble.

Inside the dragon's... mouth? I dunno. Normal people can't come in here. It was clearly unfinished. I guess it will be a grand ball room of sorts in the future.

Sky view

And I can't imagine what is going to happen to this room. I kid you not, there was a staircase that goes up to this room and at the top, no windows, no nothing. Just a chair. Someone planning on becoming the king of China?

More VIP only access. Interior scaffolding! This is where the window washers come to work.

And the Pangu Hotel's owners office lobby.

Word of the day: Ridiculous

Ah, that's a more modest looking office. Still it was huge.

I'm testing the chair here. Same chairs the lobby staff use. Fancy stuff.

And Chairman Mao was found behind the curtain! Secretly plotting something no doubt.

Lobby of building 1. aka "dragon"

And the journey to the grand ball room. Or one of them... There were these pretty tall girls in red standing around just to greet us. I guess that's a 7 star quality. You have to hire people whose soul job is to greet you and stand there and look pretty. I found it to be a ridiculous job but it sure beats working in a cave!

7 star ball room.

7 star ball room w/ people.

7 star menu.

Eat with your eyes.

I believe this was an interesting waterchestnut presentation.

Julienne salad.

The real deal Shark Fin soup.

Good but "cannot not even compare" roast duck.

Giant prawns. These were like 3 inches in diameter.

I finally get to eat Kurobuta but it was disappointing since there was so much batter on it so it ended up tasting like any old fried meat.

Of course... Fish.

That's a nice view for dinner...

La Mein demonstration by the Pangu Master La Mien Chef. Check out how thin that is! How thin?

Thin enough to burn! It's like flash paper.

Thin enough to thread a needle!

I got so jazzed. So why the hell did they have this demonstration if they are serving us any La Mein!?!?!?

The Chung Kung University crew.

David (distant (i.e cousin's) cousin) with the attendents.

And my turn. Hello myspace profile picture!

Rock Star! That was quite some VIP treatment we got.


Yeedeh said...

Master Lee is part of the class reunion of Normal University's Experiment High School, which organized this tour that we tagged along, since "your jiu jiu too" also went to this high school, and many of his classmate used to come to our house, one even married one of his sister (Uncle Alan). Master Lee later graduated from Chung Kung University.

Nat Loh said...

ok, thanks for clarification. It was the high school reunion then.