Friday, October 03, 2008

Singapore: Day 1

Early in the morning. Flying east to west at night, the sun finally catches up with us.

Transfer flight from Hong Kong to Singapore at 8:55am. Time for lunch?

This interesting noodle was served. it was one big sheet of rice noodle but folded over itself many times. Well prepared for airplane food.

Lookie Lookie, I'm riding in a Rolls Royce airplane!

The humidity was making some impressive vertical spans. You normally only see about 1/3 of that cloud altitude.

Random island off the coast of Malayasia

More random clouds off the atmosphere of Malayasia

Airport Row - Soup Restaurant. I had to double check but yes, it's just called "Soup Restaurant"

And here's Grace! My Graaaaacious host. Or am I the gracious one? I'm confused.


item #1 is really awesome. This is Hainanese Steamed Chicken with a Ginger sauce that is really good. It's not the normal ginger you see in the US. It's kind of sweet.

Beautifully wrapped in a lettuce cup with cucumber and pepper.

Winter Melon and Pork soup

Boiled dried scallop with Black Chicken soup

Teochew Olive Rice

Ah Por Fan Shu (Sweet Potato) Leaves - spicy


Chrysanthemum Tea Face. Made quite well.

I thought that sign read "Taxi C ity" to which I thought, what an odd implementation... From the side angle, the queue looked quite confusing.

ok lah...

Here is a gift I made for Grace

she likes it!

Grace also likes fire hydrants. So much that she owns one.

A typical apartment complex exterior.

On campus at Grace's school.

The director is not pleased (with her acting! ZING!)

Grace took a deep water exercise class that night. I spent some time swimming which I probably haven't done in like 10 years.

Sign Fail? Restaurant Fail? Engrish Victory!

I think this is in the Far East Centre.

Belgian food? Ok.

Belgian beer! btw, that's Grace's beau Pete in the background.

"Trick photography"

Deep fried Camembert.

Belgian Sausages.

1 kg of mussels in white wine sauce. Not as big as I imagined it to be.

Pork Knuckle

um... yeah... I'm jet lagged. I don't remember...

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Deda said...

Waaaah u lucky baastaaad laaah!

Hey tell grace to send me pictures of Italy I am still waiting, k?

I wanna go to Singapore too TT___TT