Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yel-Sub, Zinefest, Food Wars, Make Street Fest



This commission Hellen is working on is awesome. I needs a Hellen Jo piece now.

I showed up to the SF Food Mac n Cheese battle at the very end just as they were handing out awards. No eats for me =(

This was the menu. Double =(

1st place goes to team 4. For both the judges award and eater's/people's choice. Host and organizer in the bg.

These two won a photogenic award.

This old Police Station is pretty awesome.

Crazy light

At the Make Street Festival.

There was more actual street food (with no lines) today than Saturday. Gumbo w/ Gumbo cart.

I would have preferred this spicier so I gave Gumbo Cart guy some suggestions he liked that will let him incrementally add spice while not sacrificing the flavor of the gumbo.

I got pulled into running MFA's merch table and didn't get back to try out these vegan mini-cakes. I will find you one day Wholesome Bakery. Ms. Wholesome Bakery is also adorable. Apparently they were at the St. Food Fest on Saturday bunking up with Creme Brule cart.

Treat St. b/t 17th and 18th streets

Music For Animals.

This guys head is insane.

After party band.