Sunday, August 16, 2009

New People, D9, Bacon Latte, Dolores Park, Dosa, ABDC

Checking out the new New People center in JTown.

Kitschy and Nichey. Will these store survive? I really wish they used some more intelligent Japanese interior design and crammed more shit.... A LOT more shit in there. There was a store with expensive Gothic Lolita clothing. For like all 16 of them in SF? Maybe the 600 Goth people in the city with expendable income as well? Tabi socks and shoes might do ok.

Glitter Art by Yoshitaka Amano?

District 9 was good. Go see it. Now. 4 times in a row.

Pirate Cat Radio Cafe/Studio. They broadcast radio shows/music on pirate radio waves behind a glass right in the cafe. I assume they also don't pay music label fees.

Bacon Maple Latte. Too much maple, not enough bacon. =(

Dolores Park


@ Dosa in JTown. Not worth the $$$.

Tamil Lamb Curry

Sunday = ABDC night. We Are Heroes routine was HOT. Afro Borike surprised me with their performance after a lack luster showing last week. Vogue Evolution = entertaining.

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