Saturday, August 01, 2009

Purple Party Purple Spread

Blueberry Scones from John Campbells

Red Cabbage dip w/ blue corn tortillas

Taro bread toast w/ garlic, rosemary, chili dip and garlic, anchovy, thyme dip.

Roasted purple potatoes and taro. The crunchy ones are the best.

Beet salad a la Bouchon...
Includes red onions, fresh orange juice, red wine vinegar, chives, taragon, salt & pepper.

Beet Salad a la Nat Loh. Mixed with arugula, toasted pecans, grated goat cheese, tossed with the beets and a vinaigrette.

The Mediterranean construction. Pita, marinated eggplant, radicchio, pink tzatziki, and I dunno what they call the cucumber and tomato mix.

ta-da. add some siracha for some kick.

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