Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday lunch turned day of adventure

Lunch at Lavash on Irving

Eggplant dip, very good.

Twin meat sticks. I think I like their chicken and lamb skewers better.

I know, it's such a nice day, let's get ice cream!

From Noreiga St. I could see the waves were really wild so I took a drive to Ocean Beach.

and enjoyed the weather for a bit. Granted it was the San Francisco nice weather so you still needed a jacket even on the beach. The sun was nice though.

Why don't I drive up to the Legion of Honor?

How wonderful, a holocaust memorial. I think this would be more impactful if you could stand on the other side of the fence. Maybe you can and I just didn't see the entry way.

Ho, look, it's the bridge again.

And a trail along the golf course.

into secret areas.

and wonderful views!

secret staircase?!?

panoramic wonder!

Hey, that looks familiar.

What is that thing?

Serene Scene

Down by the water.

I like how someone wrote in marker above the keep out, "come in"

Back up to the Legion. I was going to go in but it was closing in less than an hour so maybe next time.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Madagascar 2 on XBOX Live

Major Nelson features Madagascar 2!

And the XBOX Live Family Game Night spot as well!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday turns into a day of non-shopping related Adventure

Started the day on the Black Friday deals. Not a whole lot going this year. I was entertaining the idea of getting a laptop that I could travel and work with but in the end, they just weren't at the price point I was willing to spend on one. The same goes for the HDTVs. Ended up with a portable hard drive, a USB port/power source for my car/ipod, and some cheap $3-6 DVDs. I also scored some good deals on Amazon like a kitchen aid 5 quart standing mixer for only $200 and a cuisinart ice cream maker. I really don't have any room for them in my kitchen...

And perhaps a new tradition is going to Mama's after the shopping since I'm up so early and the lines are more bearable early in the day. I only had to wait 40 minutes! Ha. The lines are usually over an hour.

Berries & Buttermilk Pancakes

Thought I'd try something new.

Monte Crisco, it's almost like a deep fried sandwich, but more akin to French toast with a sandwich inside of the toast.

Met up with Sabrina and her cousin Tammy. We tried to go to the Academy of Sciences but they were sold out so we went to the Tea Garden.

Tea Garden

The place you sit down to drink tea was crowded as well, full of people who probably couldn't get into the Academy of Sciences.

Down on 9th Avenue in the Inner Sunset.

Sabrina's boyfriend wanted to pickup some snacks from Arizmendi's Bakery.

I was going to take them to the Marin Headlands side of the Golden Gate bridge but the killer traffic dissuaded us.

We could see it all the way from Lincoln Avenue which was my shortcut to bypass the epic traffic.

But there is a great viewpoint from Lincoln Avenue in the Presido that proved to be quite nice.

Say "sex!"

I guess I'm crushing the bridge? That would be unfortunate. I would have a crap commute if that bridge was gone.

We stayed for the lovely sunset.

Here is a 1 second time lapse. Don't blink.

Dusk decends upon San Francisco.

And the Richmond.

And the beach. Goodnight room. Goodnight moon. Goodnight cow jumping over the moon.

We went for a drive down Lombard St.

Stopped by Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill

The design is supposedly based of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

but much smaller.

and with strange American murals instead.

Passed by the City Hall on our way to...

not quite Twin Peaks. It's on the east side of Twin Peaks but lower, along Market st.

Good spot for a view of the city.

And then to Cha Cha Cha's in the Haight.

Sangrias and Cuban food. Met up with Chris' sister.


Rice and Beans




Seafood Ceviche



But wait, we're not done yet!


and coffee in North Beach

Strange taxidermy in someone's living room.

And drinks at Church Key, a new bar where the Magnet Bar & Lounge used to be. They have all sorts of fancy beers here including a bacon beer?

Coit Tower. That was a busy day!