Saturday, November 22, 2008

Uncle Nat!

The first words of the child of two programmers should be "hello world"
This is my new niece, Violet Loh. Hey Gabe, be a good dad and register her email addresses, blogs, and web domains before they are taken! Actually a semi Violet blog would be cool. I kinda wish I knew or remembered what happened when I was young. Or time lapse photos; once a day? Once a week? Remember this dude?

Here is the Simpson version. I like the sudden Spanish voice over. Very poignant.

I'm behind on my vacation blogs. They take so long to do. I also have some old pictures from Kevin's birthday that I haven't had a chance to post yet so look out for those in the future. Since I blog chronologically, I guess you'll see this post up for awhile but look below, new stuff all the time. And while I'm posting youtubes, I suppose I will post this corn-baller because I just watched the Superman 1 & 2 on the TV. I regret this in a few days but here it is while it's fresh.

1 comment:

Deda said...

Piccolinaaa!!! So cute! *_*
Bravo bravo, zio Nat, be a good uncle too!