Tuesday, February 27, 2007


One of my first blogspot posts was about this fun flash game called Nanaca Crash. Here are two similarly fun games I have come across.

Bubble Up ---> via Zigiz


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Mo mo mo mo Japanese at Shi Mo mo mo mo

Ricky Lee Jones is playing on KQED. Strange. She's so old now.

A man of discerning tastes, Shi Mo Japanese Restaurant is one of Dan's favorite sushi places. It's just down the street from my place on Clement and 25th. 2339 Clement St. 415-752-4422. Open 5:00pm - Midnight =-D (Tues- Sat) and 5:00pm - 10:30pm (Sun, Mon).

Ankimo (Monkfish Liver). Dan dubs this "Fois Gras of the Sea" It was interesting but wasn't too big on it.

Amaebi Heads.

"Moon Roll." Kevin was telling us an interesting story where the Japanese government wanted to regulate what was being called "Sushi" across the globe. Secret tester agents would give them a government approved seal to display outside their restaurants as proof they make the grade. I think this is more so for the Japanese tourist's benefit more than anyone since if Americans are going to certain restaurants already, they will continue going however official the food is. Apparently one local Sushi Chef in my neighbourhood (I wish I knew the place!) occasionally gets fed up and refuses to make patron's order of Philadelphia Rolls frustrated his customers would want something like cream cheese in their sushi. If they order it, some managers will put what's popular on the menu.

Dan's luxurious spread of (clockwise from right) Unagi, Amaebi, Salmon, Saba, Hamachi

Mine of Vegetarian Roll (Yam Tempura with Avocado and Cucumber), Kanpachi (Amberjack), & Hamachi (Yellowtail).

Chawan Mushi - Steamed egg, chicken & prawn in a cup.

This hung right over our table.

And a cool breeze forced Kevin to put on his hat. There is a strange turtle climbing the wall behind him. Trying to escape or something.

Hehe. Yeah, it's fake. But the picture looked really weird without it since that was what I was trying to do.

Afterwards was a Wii Sports session. Wii Bowling has a funny mode where they keep adding more and more pins for you to bowl.

Gabe's note:



=(n+1; 2),


I was craving Okonomiyaki (Japanese Frittata) so I met up with Kevin after his Japanese class to go to Mifune Don in J-town. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they upped their Okonomiyaki menu. Not only including more types but also including a self-cook version on their table top hot plates. You can also get several choices of shabu shabu and meat dishes to presumably cook. Something I'm gonna have to try. If you don't know Mifune Don, it's on the 2nd floor of the other building next to Seoul Garden. Across from the now CLOSED Umeko All-you-can-eat Japanese buffet.

Modern Okonomiyaki - you even get those Okonomiyaki spatulas to use. =-D


Also saw this interesting animation on the music video player in Kinokuniya Bookstore. It used to be up front but they've moved it into the back corner, where else? By the music!

Vampire Pajama Party

I was kinda confused too but it sorta made sense. But where can I get a costume at this time of the year? Well I didn't. I tried. But I couldn't find anything satisfactory. I wanted to get some cheap pajamas (I guess I could've used one of my old shirts I don't wear anymore) and drench myself in blood (food coloring). So I guess that could be confused for Murdered Slumber Party Victim #7. Or Zombie Pajambie. You really need the fangs and goth contacts for the full effect. Vampire is much harder to do that Pirate!

It's the Uni-Honner!

Hello! So my total drink count was 3.5 shots of patron (7 oz?), 1 of jose cuerv(yuck)o, and 3 beers.

Facial hair makes the rounds.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Redder Cells?

MFA Listening party at 540 Club on Clement St. The boys told me they linked my post last time. Interesting as now should they do so again, people will see what I'm having for dinner. My usual blog topic. These are big fat Shanghainese noodles from a Taiwanese/Szechuan eatery on 6th Ave (x-st. Clement) called Spices II. They have a good selection of spicy foods and vegetarian dishes. I think these are the Chinese versions of picci.

540 Club - they have lots of dogs running around inside! I wanted to get a picture of them but didn't want to freak any of them out with a flash. This was earlier in the night. It got much more crowded later on.

MFA merch booth. I sometimes like to pronounce it "mmm-Fah"

Eli on the Star Link internet jukebox. What song will he pick?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Is this getting boring?

I have this annoying cough keeping me up at night. I think my uvula is somehow irritated. Anyways, I've got to cook some new things. I feel like I'm falling into a cooking/blogging routine and need something to shake it up. But most likely it's because I'm tired and need better uninterrupted sleep. Pecorino Romano cheese makes a big difference in Pesto. So do the roasted pine nuts but if you put too much garlic in, you'll shoot that all down. For 4 oz. of basil, I would use 3 garlic cloves. If you find that's not enough, add one more clove in later (when you are still blending/processing/tasting) .

Monday, February 19, 2007

Abraham Lincoln is the man!

A decent showing of what we had. You can see the chicken marinade off on the right. I somehow got pulled into BBQ duty since the fellow who brought the juicy tri-tip deemed me worthy of keeping an eye on it from our BBQ-side banter. Boy did it come out good.

Guitar Hero


BBQ by night

guests of honor.