Thursday, February 22, 2007

Redder Cells?

MFA Listening party at 540 Club on Clement St. The boys told me they linked my post last time. Interesting as now should they do so again, people will see what I'm having for dinner. My usual blog topic. These are big fat Shanghainese noodles from a Taiwanese/Szechuan eatery on 6th Ave (x-st. Clement) called Spices II. They have a good selection of spicy foods and vegetarian dishes. I think these are the Chinese versions of picci.

540 Club - they have lots of dogs running around inside! I wanted to get a picture of them but didn't want to freak any of them out with a flash. This was earlier in the night. It got much more crowded later on.

MFA merch booth. I sometimes like to pronounce it "mmm-Fah"

Eli on the Star Link internet jukebox. What song will he pick?

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