Saturday, February 24, 2007

Vampire Pajama Party

I was kinda confused too but it sorta made sense. But where can I get a costume at this time of the year? Well I didn't. I tried. But I couldn't find anything satisfactory. I wanted to get some cheap pajamas (I guess I could've used one of my old shirts I don't wear anymore) and drench myself in blood (food coloring). So I guess that could be confused for Murdered Slumber Party Victim #7. Or Zombie Pajambie. You really need the fangs and goth contacts for the full effect. Vampire is much harder to do that Pirate!

It's the Uni-Honner!

Hello! So my total drink count was 3.5 shots of patron (7 oz?), 1 of jose cuerv(yuck)o, and 3 beers.

Facial hair makes the rounds.

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