Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Thanks For Asking Sunday

Actually it's 11:00pm and I'm bored out of my mind. Did a lot of reading on the net today doing studies on competitive fighting games. =P Maybe I'll go get some Papaya with Sago at Creations and post pictures of it like I was posting them right now. I mean use my time machine and post them at exactly 11pm. Just like all my other posts...

Did you watch the Super Bowl? I watched it already on Saturday. The Sunday version didn't quite match the Saturday one but since Saturday came first, that's probably the real one. Why did Tony Dungie bench Peyton Manning? Bad coaching decision...

Round 2! Ok, so tonight I cooked blend-chopped walnuts in olive oil and then cooked in gorganzola and cream for this saucy contraption.

Much better! But still I have to find the right mix. Too much walnut overpowering the sweet flavors of the Gorgon. I also think there is a missing element to this recipe. I'll have to consult my cook. Probably don't need that parmesan but I was refilling my crank grater and there was a small orphaned cube.

Anyone remotely interested in food has to check this out!
How much is inside Ramen noodles?
I wonder if my dad the food scientist ever got to do compelling research like this.

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