Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sunny Sunny Seventeenth

Today's high in San Francisco was 72 degrees! It was lovely lovely weather and my old roommate is visiting from Germany. She had some Dim Sum cravings...

Sun! Where do you go for Dim Sum? Tong's Palace of Clement (between 10th and 11th avenues). It was decent but was awesome like Toronto. It could also be that we didn't know all the good stuff to order. They had some crispy looking pig hanging on the other side of the restaurant but no one seemed terribly interested in it. It's the year of the Pig! Come on!



Shark Fin dumpling? It certainly seems like a silly idea.

Mushroom dumpling? Now that makes sense.

Super Shrimp Ball

Eggplant Fried thingy.

Mmmmm.... Taro thingero. (Xien Sui Jiao / Ham Sui Gow)



Big Dou Miao apparently.

This was by far the weirdest and most disappointing thing. Scallion Pancake. Except for God-knows-why, it was actually a pancake. Thin. But still an American styled pancake. WTF?

So hot! Must have liquids. O2. Ingredients: Water, Oxygen. ?!?!??? Ok, so I had to find out what this was. Turns out, it's just water but I did notice it tasted quite clean.

Flower Conservatory. Must visit some time.

Remember Aerobee?

We went the Kezar Bar on Stanyan a few blocks south of Haight and they had the Hartford Wolfpack game on. =-O What bar shows the game to the Ranger's farm team?!? The awesomest bar in the world. Of course, this buzz was quickly killed when I found out the Rangers themselves lost 5-3 against the worse team in the Eastern Conference. =P

Consolation Prize: Best Hot Wings in SF! That's the claim and that it stands until proven otherwise. The others kept commenting on the high vinegar presence/content. I think I must be immune to it. Didn't notice a thing.

Tommorrow: Ahon's.

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