Saturday, February 17, 2007

Naruto Shippuuden

The new (non-suck) Naruto Anime finally debuted. I'm a regular reader of the ongoing manga series. For those who don't know, Naruto is an immensely popular comic and cartoon from Japan that rivals the Dragonball series in terms of overall popularity. I was hooked from the very first few episodes that featured a clumsy and mischievous ninja-in-training who instead of using his transformation ninja technique to confuse enemies, would turn into a naked woman and stun his opponents unconscious with streams of blood coming from their nose. Which is a Japanese cultural reference exaggerating an intense rush of blood into one's head to the point of causing a nose bleed and then exaggerating on top of that where the stream of blood can propel a person over a tree. And then in the second episode he is trying to kiss a girl he likes (while using his transformation technique to pose as the guy the girl actually likes) but is thwarted by unspoken bowel issues caused by drinking expired milk earlier that morning. The character is really silly but they develop him quite nicely and you see his moments where his mischief evolves into pure genius/trickery in combat. But then he defeats an opponent with heighten physical abilities and senses by accidentally farting. go figure! Any ways, the new series of Naruto is out that occurs after a 2.5 year time jump in the story time line. Naruto is a tall teenager now intent on saving his friend. Shippuuden apparently means "Wind Chronicles" but it doesn't refer to flatulence. Not that I know of at least! If you've never seen Naruto before, you probably don't want to bother seeing it now! There are around 130 anime episodes (non-suck worth seeing ones) at 24 minutes each. Most people don't have that kind of time and commitment. I think I did my time the unemployed year following graduation.

This is a bittorrent record for me. I saw on the tracker there were 18,000 (that's THOUSAND) people uploading it despite what my shot says. And 1/2 meg a second? See that time stamp? 275 MB in 10 minutes which isn't that fast persay but you never see that on BT. Here's a trailer for the game version coming out on the Nintendo Wii. As soon as they make a Free Loader disc to allow Japanese games to play on US Wii's I will getting my copy. I loved the previous versions of this game.


well for me at least. Oh, yada yada. Did laundry. Made mini-penne with 3 cheese bechemal. No pics. Yada yada.

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