Saturday, February 03, 2007

It continues...

So what started as a day where I just intended to go buy some Rice Vinegar (and other small groceries at Nijiya) turned into a big day of eating and friends. A cast of the usual suspects with Jeremy on a determined quest for some LocoMoco. A late meal around 4:30pm...

"I've accomplished all that I've set out to do today."

LocoMoco @ On the Bridge - JTown.

Sizzling Chicken Saute Platter

Afterwards was the epic "what do we do now" event. It was around 5:30pm. After I picked up my vinegar at things, we decided to get some cars out of the garage and swing down to Valencia street for some walking and/or possible local flavor. What began as a simple search for a place to go get a drink evolved into largely satisfying meal at Picaro Tapas-Restaurant on (3120) 16th street and Valencia.

This bread dip looks like Velvetta Cheddar Cheese X-P but it is in fact bread dip. I think there was some horse radish in it. It was free and we ended up getting about 5-6 more with 4-5 more baskets of bread. Hehe.

Beer or Sangria? That was the deciding vote. I just had beer last night at poker so Sangria it was.

Queso Manchego - Spanish ewe's milk cheese. For those who aren't familiar, ewe just means female goat.

Estofado de Conejo. aka - Rabbit Stew. This was actually done quite well. I had this before several years ago when we came here for Dan's birthday and it was a little gamey. This was by far the least gamey rabbit I've had to date. But I haven't had much rabbit to begin with. And one of the times was at this same place... But still!

Patatas Aioli - Potatoes with homemade garlic mayonnaise.

Clamares Fritos - fried calamari.

Mejillones a la Vinaigrette - Steamed Mussels in Picaro's Vinaigrette.

Afterwards we went to a cafe for some caffeinated beverages and random talking. Reminiscing the old days. Not an epic day but overall, largely satisfying. I think Sunday will be just some relaxing reading with the Super Bowl on in the background.


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