Sunday, February 11, 2007

Please Replace Battery. Psycke!

That was my camera tonight. It told me to replace the battery like it was out of energy so I sadly but away my camera for the night. The usual suspects went to the Hemlock Tavern on Polk St to go see some bands. Jeremy wanted to see Social Studies. There was another loud screamer duo we skipped (I think they were called Cinder Block) as well as Finest Dearest. Bookend bands weren't bad but not good enough for me to want to buy a CD. =P It's only $7 but I have to either really like the tunes or be really impressed by their talent and showmanship.

Afterwards, we went to get some Korean food since my Kalbi cravings became public knowledge. Since the food looked so good, somewhat in mourning and out of habit, I took my camera out and what do you know, it decides to work now. >=P

banchan miscalania

Chap Jae? I think that's what it is.

Kalbi (Gal-bee) x2


Kevin was mentioning something about Korean royalty having meals that involved a bunch of colors. Something like to represent all the elements or something similarly naturesque. Blue was one of them and we were wondering what the heck they used for blue. We had to improvise.

We ate it all! Wow! Well that's my fill of Korean for like... a while. It's too expensive to eat often which sucks. Especially since Gabe is like "wow, that costs only $4 here in Korea." Oh yeah? How much does Tesla coil cost in Korea? Huh? $4. =P I must be bitter today or something.

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