Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Is this getting boring?

I have this annoying cough keeping me up at night. I think my uvula is somehow irritated. Anyways, I've got to cook some new things. I feel like I'm falling into a cooking/blogging routine and need something to shake it up. But most likely it's because I'm tired and need better uninterrupted sleep. Pecorino Romano cheese makes a big difference in Pesto. So do the roasted pine nuts but if you put too much garlic in, you'll shoot that all down. For 4 oz. of basil, I would use 3 garlic cloves. If you find that's not enough, add one more clove in later (when you are still blending/processing/tasting) .


Gabe said...

I had this annoying cough something like two years ago. It lasted for over two weeks, and so I finally went to the doctor, who told me I had a "cough". (Umm, thanks.) What he explained was that I basically got stuck in a loop where my throat was irritated which made me cough, but the source of the irritation was coughing! He ended up prescribing some powerful codine-laced cough syrup that made it go away (but also made me half-zombie for half a week or so).

Nat said...

The shitty thing is my cough is only quite noticeable and bothersome when I go to sleep. During the day, it comes (in groups) every hour or 2 or 3. I can't figure out what is suppressing it. Food? Sugar? Oils/Fats? Heat/Cold? I've been drinking apple or orange juice at work mixed with hot water and using my Ricolas. I'll look into getting some strong cough syrup to use for when I go to sleep.