Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some Pizetta & ABDC

Vegetable tort w/ heirloom tomatoes and goat cheese. yum! I'm still getting used to this ultra compact's color settings. It's troubling that I have such a hard time color correcting but this will hold me down till I get the true work horse fix. Which I have put off for way too long.

Calzone at Pizzeta 211 isn't as good as the rest of their food. When they asked about how it was and I said it didn't have the kick of their other foods, the response was "interesting..." which I couldn't tell if that was the "interesting how I will ignore what you say" response. hahaha. Mozzarella and thyme were my suggestions.

ABDC! We Are Heroes. This was an exciting performance. Did you watch the finale?
Season 4 didn't start off so hot. There were no jaw dropping clear best crews for me but We Are Heros did have an exciting debut performance that showed creativity and promise. Here are some of the performances that really rocked.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

SFFBw/B4F, Dolores Park, Flash Dance, Hell's Belles Carb Derby

Another round with the Boobs 4 Food team at the SF Food Bank.

Sorting apples, carrots, and tomatoes.

What were the numbers? 8000 pounds of tomatos. 4000 pounds of apples. 2900 pounds of carrots I think?

Enjoying Dolores park

Bi-rite. You make ice cream as good as mine but instead of waiting 20 minutes for my machine to make me one flavor, I wait 20 minutes in line and get 8 (or more!) flavors. Featured: Coffee Toffee, Malted Vanilla, Honey Lavender, Balsamic Strawberry, Buttered Pecan, Salted Caramel, Ginger Caramel, and Roasted Banana.

Flash Mob Dance Party with Deep! (blue shirt and hat)

w/ Chen sisters.

@ Thai House express

@ White Walls/Shooting Gallery for Hell's Belles Car Club's Pine Wood Derby race and fundraiser for the Bay Area Women's and Children center.

The racers...


Little Mermaid car, awesome but not very aerodynamic.

Show cars. I knew I wouldn't stand a chance against that mass of eyeballs.


Inside the paparazzi pit.

The results

Alex's slug in the shoe won a prize for what I imagine is coolest looking car in the racer category.

Jeremy all smiles with his sold piece.

After eats.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Adira Amram + Kid Koala

The Slew = Kid Koala + Wolfmother
get their album for free @
They were... not what I was expecting. Still I'm thinking worth listening to their free album.

But it was the opening act Adira Amram that stole the show. Even Kid Koala mentioned in her introduction one of his fans seeing her act and saying to him "dude, how are you gonna follow that?" The girl and seriously sing and not really knowing what to expect really impactfully impact the Experience.

Ok so you should get the act by now. It's like watching Cindy Lauper or Bonnie Tyler on Turrets Syndrome.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Coche del Gato!

el Coche Glorioso del Gato de la Noche

Sunday, September 20, 2009

EID Mubarak

EID Mubarak (the end of Ramadan) with Shaheed and his clan.

Marilyn prepping chocolate for future ridiculousness.

Behind the scenes work. Color me jealous of their cooking facilities.

The spread was extravagant. Why do I even try? I can not beat this.

Aps - around 8 of them + 2 drinks, there was this never ending supply of them. I don't know how they kept refilling all the plates. Do they run a restaurant in their house or something?

Main course spread

Mixed nuts


Chicken wrap thing? They didn't put their traditional names out, if this is traditional Fijian-Indian cuisine.

Meatball kabob?

Ah, this one I know. Stuffed mushrooms. Stuffed with... ?? ? @____@

More wrap cross-sections.

A milk + fruit mixture of goodness.


Aloo Baingan

Green Bean-orama, the official name I am told...

A chicken curry

"beef + onion"

Remember that chocolate? This is the future ridiculousness I spoke of. A double chocolate fondue fountain. As if the ridiculous spread of foods wasn't enough. They had to go there.

Dessert tray

Let the gorging begin. Well for me at least. Apparently Shaheed had been gorging all day as they visit all their family and friends house throughout the day eating and gorging at each and every stop. After all Ramadan is a period of fasting where Muslims cannot eat when the sun is up. It ends when the moon appears after a new moon. This is some serious eating folks!

Much like the ridiculousness of the food spread, the ridiculousness continued in Shaheeds game collection with 3 fuction Asian arcade cabinets, giant teal cartridges for said cabinets (one cabinet is a xbox 360 home-hack setup) various collectible paraphernalia...

every gaming console in existence, probably around 1000 games. Many from Japan. Why this hasn't been documented on Kotaku is beyond me.

Sweet relaxation.

Apple tea FTW. EID Mubarak!