Sunday, September 06, 2009

San Diego - day 2

Start the day out meeting Dan's folk for lunch at the Souplantation which has an unfortunate name.

Seaport Village

some more ball tossing

call me the action shot photographer.

Eating overpriced ice cream

In Old Town

for the Tortilla lady

Freshly prepared

Freshly made

with some heavenly salsa

Gooey Churro

Old Town reminds me of Sedona. But unlike Sedona, Old Town claims to be the birth spot of California. Suck it Sedona.

On the Wells Fargo stage coach. On a journey to the future. Look ho!

I'm sad, Street Tacos 2 for $4 is closed. Have you looked closely at this picture? REALLY closely at it?

Old town tourist village?


I was so excited for Phil's BBQ. I don't know if I saw it on food network or something or if it was the fact they managed a 4.5 star rating with 950+ reviews on yelp that got me stoked. But then we got there and there was a 1 hour wait in line. I'm was both mad and sad. I was super SMAD. I kinda wished we paid someone to let us cut but make it look like we were together and they were just waiting for us.

So instead we got steak

Fresh onion soup

Prime Rib

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