Saturday, September 05, 2009

San Diego Road Trip

The journey starts late Friday night.

Halfway down, we stop for gas. And football? Why not? Sitting in a car for hours. Get those muscles moving!

Speaking of moving; Combos. They always get Steve's stomach moving. Just looking at them gives him bad mojo.

Apple Pockets on the other hand. Introducing Eric, Steve's younger brother.

I took on the second half of the drive. Probably somewhere around Wasco down to San Diego. 4.5+ hours. After reaching La Jolla where our hotel was, we wandered around searching for "a beach" Dan knows about. We were all tired and somewhat out of it so finding it was an adventure in itself.

@ Torrey Pines State Beach


Zzzz... I could not get any good rest getting stuck with the driver's seat. The steering wheel = car sleep fail.

This sun is not doing its job.

Find Torrey Pines State Beach.

@ Dan's parents place for showers and internet.

Where should we go eat?


Meet the Kaloko Moko (Loco Moco+). Eaten to honor Jeremy who could not make the trip.

On a bed of fried rice, crepes, and syrup.

Dan's pineapple crepe.

Island Mac Salad

next stop...

PB - Pacific Beach

After beach eats. Dan brings us to his favorite SD Burrito joint.

Burrito sans beans and rice? Meat log of goodness.

Next stop...

If you like PiƱa Coladas...

Bite in Hillcrest, the Castro of SD

Some sort of pesto bread Amuse Bouche

Grilled Asparagus with a lemon sauce. Myeh.

Chicken liver spread. Not sure why they gave us so much.

Fried Calamare Steak skewers


Dungess Crab Carbonara Papperdelle. This was ok but the crab was a fail. Could not taste it.

Sliders. This is an entree?

Our chicken pizza filler.


At a tea shop in Kearny Mesa. This wasn't on the menu but I had them make me a Papaya w/ Coconut milk drink. They had green boba but they did a good job with the texture.

Observing his spicy ginger tea? Or sleeping... Sleeeeeeeep.

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