Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Um Mason - Korean Cuisine

5850 Geary Blvd.

Normally I go to My Tofu House on 11th and Geary for my local Korean food needs but today, not quite wanting to pay $15+ for the Kalbi I so crave, tried this Korean restaurant at around 21st and 22nd that first caught my eye when they had a big sign outside their door "New Business Hours 5:00pm - 2:00am" Another late night place a few blocks from me! Sweet. I thought I would save this place for an out of desperation late night meal on some lonely or possibly party filled evening. What are all these words?!? People come here for food pictures! Not words! Words cannot be eaten! So the $15+ thing was silly because you have to be prepared to drop $20 anytime you eat Korean food.

Everyone loves these things. Gabe, what are these things collectively referred to as? edit: banchan/panchan depending on how it's translated.

Oh Jing Uh Bok Um - Sauteed squid and vegetables with spicy sauce (Bok Um, I'm guessing). Hite is the more common and popular (?) Korean beer, but I personally prefer OB. What does OB stand for? I don't know if I wanna know. And yes, you can't eat pictures either. Or you can eat them just as you can eat words.

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Gabe said...

Little plates: Banchan or Panchan (반찬 or something like that).

OB: Oriental Brewery. Nothing to do with OB/GYN's.