Sunday, August 16, 2009

B4F, Bloodhound, Barhopping, Blahmen, MJvP, Poleng


Participated in inaugural Boob4Food charity event.


Packing frozen pasta and beans. 1-2 pieces is about 1/8 oz. 1 ounce is about a "handful." A big giant claw full of frozen penne is about 2 oz. If you are ever trying to measure frozen pasta without a scale.


Altogether ~3000 pounds of penne, ~1500 pounds of beans.


Group photo of our team.


The B4F team.

* pictures courtesy of Kat ( I can use these right???)

~3:40pm, it starts.

@ Bloodhound.

Some BBQ picked up from Big Nate's BBQ. Not endorsed by this Nate. Ribs tasted boiled. Meat was nowhere near sliding off the bone. Apparently the pulled pork was good but I missed as it was buried under the...

BBQ Chicken.

Bar hopping in the Mission District. Casanova Lounge, Double Dutch, Kilowatt

@ Sapporo-Ya in JTown.

Chashu is dry and blah. Blahmen. Soup was not super hot. Noodles were ok but lifeless in a dull broth.

Prince vs. Michael Jackson @ Madrone Lounge.

Nana's Last Dance @ Poleng Lounge

Rub that belly!

Random dude w/ Katie

Proper group shot.

Mild poll dancing.

I hear ya Nana! What a long day!

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