Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Singapore: Day 4

Singapore has these everywhere. Food places that stick recessed in the sides of buildings waiting to feed you.

Roti Prata.

entering Chinatown

Sri Mariamman Temple at Temple St.

Buddhist temple

The upper floors have museum styled displays of various artifacts.

In the back of the top floor was this offering table. You have to pay to buy (or rent?) space in this room.

On the roof is a garden (not pictured) and in that garden is this housing called the Hall of 1000 buddhas. See those dots on the wall? Each one is a little buddha. They go all the way up to the roof. I think there are more than 1000 of them. You can see a fuzzy zoomed in version in the lower right corner of the pic.

Maxwell food centre.

Here is a carrot "cake" stall. I think by cake, they are taking the literal translation from Mandarin "Gau" and by carrot, I think they are taking the partial translation of turnip which is "Bai Luo Buo" or white carrot but this is not the luo buo gau most Chinese know.

Auntie making "cake"

White Carrot "Cake" - this was a mushy pile. It really could have used some salt. I'm told Singaporean foods lack much salt (or any?) so the flavors are much more subtle. If my coworker Chris was to travel to Singapore, I'd recommend he bring his private stash of salt and white pepper cause man does he love his condiments.

Lunch 2

Laksa so yummy. It's like curry ramen.

Some barley drink.

Here I am at the Amoy Food Centre. Quite full but checking things out. This Fish Bee Hoon joint had quite the queue.

Ann Siang Hill Park exit/entrance

another Temple

A neat lamp store.

Clakre Quay (pronounced "Key" ???)

Singapore has lots of crazy structures to keep its citizens from get wet. Like giant plastic umbrellas!

Speaking of giant, these Sir Lankan crabs were huge! This crab in the lower left corner is about 30 cm wide.

Taking a rest at the historic Fullerton Hotel.

The city hall is shaped like a durian.

World's largest ferris wheel, the Singapore Flyer.

Behind the hotel is this merlion fountain. The merlion is the official uh... animal? creature of Singapore. At least that's what I hear.

um... somewhere? I was wandering back from city hall trying to find my way back to a MRT station.

Lau Pa Sat. Another (24 hour) food centre inside an old market. Lau Pa Sat means "old market" in the Hokkein dialect and was Singapore's first wet market. Too bad the soursop juice I got from here was AWFUL.

I found my way back to Orchard St and to this Old Chang Kee food stall.

for Curry puffs...

and fried calamari on a stick.

Shopping Centre at Dhoby Ghaut.

National Museum of Singapore.

Singapore movie history

Disco Qi Pao

That's a cool dress

ok, so part of the museum was closed. And up to this point, it wasn't that interesting.

Enter the section of the museum about fooooood!

There were videos that talked about classic Singaporean dishes and some that showed how they were made!

And check out all these spices! There were two of these giant walls of info.

Fast forward, meeting Grace and Pete at the MRT we headed over for some Fish Bee Hoon. This place uses XO (not XO sauce) in the soup.

Fish Bee Hoon

Fish Some other Hoon.

Hot Wings! Well fried wings with a nice spicy sauce dip.

Ending the night walking around the ex pat district.

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Deda said...

yeah they pronounce quay in the British way, key.
When my friend from Wales came to italy we spent 20 minutes trying to figure out quay and keys of the Tiber.

Did you get kopi and kaya?