Monday, October 06, 2008

Singapore: Day 3

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak explode!

We took the MRT to Orchard St which is the 5th Avenue of Singapore.

The Takashimaya food zone (it's not really a court)

Everywhere you look!



Food! Glorious Food!

We're anxious to try it.

Nyona Zhong Zi. This was very good.

Meat! Glorious meat!

Yakitori delight

This reminds me of the machine you see at Krispy Kreme but with meat!

Takoyaki with real octopus! (Note when you buy takoyaki at the SF Japantown street festivals, they always use beef because they cannot obtain a permit for storing octopus in coolers).

Eyes scream for Ice cream

Sesame and Green Tea w/ Red Bean

Do you do the Durian do?

Inside the mall. A place to sit and rest.

I forget, I think this is at another mall where we were meeting up with Grace's mom, brother + 1, and Pete to go for crab.

Well I knew about this place but apparently it is even featured in the Singapore tourism guide book.

Is this a Prawn Mee?

This plant has a name...

More yummy meat on a stick. Satay.

Black Pepper Crab

Spicy Crab

Across the street was a big durian cafe. The side door is close but there were lots of durians out front. Check out their giant plastic durian in the lower left corner.

After a late meal, we were stuffed and retired to a cafe for some tea and a late drive through town.

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Deda said...

I did eat Durian gelato with hendra!