Friday, October 10, 2008

Singapore: Day 7

Little India

Tandori Restaurant recommended by Mr. Ieat

Despite the waiter's urgings on how "good" they were, don't want to fill up on chips. Come'on man, chips. With ketchup? That's supposed to impress me? The mango lassi was ok. I felt like they skimped on the mango. Mango is a pretty sweet fruit and this lassi wasn't really sweet so...

Mr. Ieat talked up the Naan but it was really not that special. It was light and fluffy but it lacked that crispy texture contrast that says to me they didn't spend enough time on the clay.

Chicken Korma is probably my favorite Indian dish. This Chicken Korma was definitely not my favorite Chicken Korma. "I've had better in the States" does not speak highly of its quality. Plus, it was one of the more expensive meals I've had which further deepens the disappointment.

After 1st lunch, I went into the Mustafa Centre. It's not a mall but just this giant shopping mish-mash of items. Lots of items. Like these bracelets. Picture this shelf x200. x6 Floors! They sort of sell... everything here. Well I didn't see anything like furniture but random baubles, clothing, groceries, toiletries, appliances, etc.

This was the friendliest and most non-intimidating guard I could find. They zip tie your bag closed and there are guards everywhere.

Stuff. Endless stuff.

This was a street market across the way.

Inside the Bugis Junction... Centre?

2nd lunch. Dao Xiao Mien. Not as good as the one from Food Republic.

2nd Hendra. Not as good as the one from Food Republic.

Chestnut Drink!

I found the McDonalds Hendra was rumored to hang out at. Apparently while this was true, it is no longer.

Parkview Square

Sultan Mosque

Grace said I had to go to Haji Lane. I had the image of a bustling Arab or Morrocan street market.

I think I went on their day off. It was empty!

Graffiti in Singapore. Pretty bad graffiti in Singapore.

I tried to look up the name on google but the best it could do was "Buddist Temple." I forget how I got here. I think there was some mark on the map and I do remember just sort of wandering into the area.

And around the area was the fortune telling parrot I both read about and heard about from Grace. Here is the parrot selecting someone's fortune.

Ah, right. Now I remember. I was trying to walk back towards Little India from Bugis.

I think this was the entrace to the below market.

Singapore's largest of such markets.

It was hot and stuffy. Seems like an interesting location for a movie but Singapore isn't really known for crime so I don't know what type of movie you'd have.

Another market.

This was like the Mustafa Centre of markets. The shear quantity of stuff was a little overwhelming.

Another Mr. Ieat recommendation.

Teh Tarik - "Pulled Tea" This was a hot/warm drink (on a hot day!) but it was very good.

Masjid Abdul Gafoor. That was what was written outside this mosque.

Interesting building facades in this area.

Goodbye Little India.



Tofu thing

Eggplant thing

Chicken thing

Nat thing

Night Safari thing!

Ok, so enough with the "thing" thing. After dinner Grace and I went to the night safari, the only night zoo in the world.

We take your picture and sell it to you for $20. Sadly they refused a similar offer from me.

But we can take our own picture. This is us on the tram that drives around the park in absolute darkness. Pitch dark!

Check out the announcer's accent. Is that on purpose? No one talks like that! Like a boulder?

And here is a view with some animals. It was a little brighter than this but you can use your imagination.

Who knows what lurks in the Night Safari!

And check out these guys again. This time I was able to use my previously recorded video to get them all riled up.

We then met up with Hendra.

At Ang Mo Kio

Ok, that was Singapore! Ran out of steam at the end there with an interesting captions but stay tuned for China.

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