Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Singapore: Day 5

You have to take a shuttle or bus to the zoo. It is deep in the middle of Singapore's foresty middle area.

The first thing you notice about this zoo is that you can get really up close to the animals. I guess with Singapore's reputation, people know the consequences are pretty steep should you choose to mess with the animals. Plus, you're a total ass if you do.

Like who, other than Mr. Burns would want to harm these guys?

I found this story quite crazy. Humorous but crazy.

No matter what zoo of the world you are in, bored animals will always pace back and forth. These are not happy tigers.

This fish is so funny! It looks like a crocodile fish.

Lewd kangaroo butt shot.

Here's a crazy bird! It's like a dinosaur. I have no idea what it is.

I thought this monkey was crazy; smashing his head on the ground. Smacking invisible rodents. But other people who have seen the video claim he looks like he's smashing nuts and licking the nut bits. I don't know... Monkey gone insane has a nicer ring and charm to it.

Interactive segment: Caption this picture!


This is so simple and clever. Put food in a bucket and the elephants go wild trying to get it out. Work for your food Dumbo! AMUUUSE ME!!!

Singapore also has a painting elephant!

This one painted flowers. Flowers which are inferior to self portraits. Myeh, still pretty cool though. I certainly can't paint that good nor use that many colors. Elephant has serious talent.

Here's a fun clip of the show.

"We are so great" said the stuck up elephants.

If you are so great, why do you need me to feed you? Huh? It cost only S$5 to feed the elephants. That's like US$3. I guess the elephant gets the last laugh on me this time.

Orangutans hang out right above the walking path. Right above being 20 ft up a tree.

These suckers screaming "stay the %#&! away from me" were all over the sides of the paths. I mean, that guy must have enough poison to take down an elephant. Hmm...

Another crazy bird. Reminds me of a bird lady from my Final Fantasy 9 Art book.

A reason they are known as probiscus monkeys.

Thorned Toad. Not to be confused with the horny toad.

These giant frogs are about the size of a small cat. Or what ever is between a kitten and an adult cat. Let's just say a large kitten.


Giant plastic durian in side path? Ok.

Among things I've never seen, this polar bear caught a fish and devoured its head. If not for that pesky glass, I think the fish would have escaped. Polar bear, you cheated.

And a lame water show to end things. The rain stayed away from me long enough but at this point I was so fatigued... Ill with fatigue that I went back to base camp de Toh. And slept.

Dinner courtesy of Grace's mom. I'll need to find out if these dishes have names.

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Deda said...

yeah the zoo rocked!
The baboons were so pissed at each others all the time.
Also did you meet the loose monkeys? they go around begging for food.
kinda scary!