Monday, October 27, 2008

Repulse Bay, Stanley Plaza, Gallop Restaurant: Day 25

Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay Building, has a hole in it so the winds from typhoons can pass through.

the "sand" on this beach was more like many pebbles. Save for a few smooth patches, it was not very pleasant to walk on.

Tin Hau statue. The one in the lower right is to be molested from head to toe to grant you great fortunes.

Kwun Yum statue

Turtle lord?

Hong Kong Life Guard Lords?

So there are a bunch of statues here at Repulse Bay.

If you pay a bunch of money, a one time rent fee, you can have a statue of your deity placed here for visitors to worship. or look at.

Like random dragon lord. Or if you are cheap, you can just sneak in at night and just place it somewhere like those two dudes in the back. They stay there because people are too superstitious to remove them.

Another dragon dude. This one has a cooler face and outfit.

This bridge has a plaque that reads "Each time you cross this bridge your life will be prolonged 3 days." How many times did I cross this bridge?

"I'm a giant lion!"

Stanley Plaza

McCafe - a McDonalds brand cafe that serves all sorts of refreshments. Like watermelon juice.

Murray House @ Stanley Bay

View from Zhang shushu's at night.

The Gallop Restaurant. Open to Hong Kong Jockey Club members, which Zhang shushu is. Yay VIP!

Hong Kong Char Sui

Plate of random parts that were used to make

this otherwise boring looking but darn tasty soup.

This bugs me out. How the hell do they make this and keep the eggplant so bright?

Ooh, this is like this tasty fried pork with a curry dipping sauce but it wasn't ours and they took it away. I can only eat it with my eyes.

Tong Yuan

Purple rice sago.

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