Sunday, March 09, 2008

Lavash for Lunch

Day lights savings = Brunch! Not really. I'm eating out a lot. I'm in one of my too lazy to cook moods. I had this conversation with my brain. It was something like

brain: go eat persian
me: persian? why persian?
brain: stop asking questions, we don't know why. just go eat it!
me: ok, I'll go look something up online.

Lavash is at 507 Irving between 6th and 7th avenues. Next door was the Yellow Submarine - a Bostonian sub place. There seemed to be a pretty healthy line for subs there.

They've got a small interior with only three 2-person tables.

Charcoal grilled. Sword skewered.

It smells really good!

So this is called Joojeh. Served on Lavash bread with grilled tomato, basmati rice, some mint and cilantro? lime. There's some sorts of saffron somewhere in there. It was very tasty but I ultimately wish there was more. The proportions of rice to meat were unbalanced preventing me from having a non-stop flavor explosion in my mouth. I wish some of the pieces of chicken had a little fat on them to up the juiciness.

And now for a San Francisco Aside. Too bad there isn't a lame dot com. Not a real one at least. Some thought it clever to put a "sign" to reserve themselves a parking spot only when you read it, well, you really can't. I used some inverted high contrast photoshoppery to make the faded text legible. So this guy's construction permit expired last year (12/8/07), it's a Sunday (Mon-Sat) and he even went so far as to scribble out the last line on the bottom. How official. You sir are

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bittermelon said...

okay, so it's not persian but de afghanan (the famous fremont place) opened up a locale in SF recently and it is amazing. since we're on the topic of fragrant soft rice and juicy skewered meat. just sayin.' and you should go to tajine. both are on polk