Sunday, March 09, 2008

On a Food Roll... Will it keep going?

Some folks went to go watch the Bank Job movie at the AMC. I had to pass. But who could say no to dinner? Instead I stayed home, played Half-life 2 and got motion sickness. =P I guess I lose round 1.

San Tung - reading the sign I see it says "Mountain East." They are known for their dumplings and chicken wings.

The line was crazy. When you go into the doors, there is a whiteboard on the right where you can write down you name and party size. Although a lot of people give up and leave, at one point, there were 60+ people (in parties of varying sizes) ahead of us on the list. Somehow we managed to hop a bunch of those people with a magic party size of 6. So I guess if you go to San Tung, go with 5 other people. Some poor group (pictured above with kid) made a reservation but didn't get sat until we were almost done with their meal. I commend their patience. The stuck it through and eventually got a table. One that was too small. They had to overflow 4 people in their party to another table. Pretty lame... Lesson, even if you have reservations, sign up on the board. Reservations at this place possibly mean nothing.

The food. Is this Chinese comfort food? The skins were good. Not too thick is important. And too thin and it breaks so good job San Tung.

Black bean Noodle bowl thing (pre-mixed)? I had a little which was decent. Don't know if I would eat a whole bowl of this.

And the chicken wings. They are coated in this crunchy caramelized candy coating. And the peppers give them a little spice (would have liked more spice). Candied chicken and not like the crappy ones you get at KFC. Candied like honey walnuts. If you can dig that concept, you'll like these.

And then one our way to get donuts, we detoured into a gelato place instead. I had that goal of going to 2 new restaurants every month but so far in just February I've already hit up 6 new places + 2 ice cream/gelato/dessert places. I managed 6 last month and 9 or so (all in Atlanta so that's kinda cheating) in January. So already at 23, maybe I should raise my goal to like 75 or 100. @___@ Who will help me?

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bittermelon said...

san tung is pretty meh. are we in agreement?