Sunday, March 02, 2008

Chinese w/ Grandma: the sequel

This used to be the Dragon something or another Cafe? New management. Now the Eastern Cafe? I dunno. Never went to the old one. I generally don't go to Chinese restaurants unless someone brings me or someone recommends it. Even if it's for just one item. For example, one fellow from China recommended getting Dou-Jian at some place on 22nd and Balboa. Dunno. Maybe I'll check that out some time. And then one of the Aunties at dinner recommended getting Dou-Fu-Gan (pressed and dried tofu) from some place around... 21st and Irving? It was a vegetarian place. Maybe I'm getting those Avenues mixed up. And happy birthday mum. So here is my dish by dish assessment.

Appetizer: Cold Meat Plate. This one was pretty good. I like a little less salt in my foods but this wasn't anything a little tea could smooth out.

Tofu was good too. Also served with Ju-xing (Bamboo Hearts) and Gai Lan (Chinese Broccoli?)

Dou Miao, with Tofu sheets I think they're called and Gingko beans. This was ok. Definitely have had better.

Mushrooms with Mustard Greens. The mustard greens had a hint of bitterness to them. Not one for the kids. Also a myeh.

Chicken served with a ginger dip. Chicken was decent. I stayed away from the pink pieces.

"Thai style" noodles. At a Chinese restaurant. A big =P Too salty for my taste and the spice really kills the taste buds so...

I could hardly taste this. Sea Bass. I could tell the texture was super smooth but the flavor? Not really sure. And a shame considering how expensive Sea Bass is.

Random dessert? Myeh. Alright.

My grandma, her sister, her sister's husband, and some guy who grew up next door to my dad. Overall, is was okay. My grandma was sick so she was on a vegetarian diet tonight. Not sure how their meat dishes are. Do you know a bombtastic Chinese restaurant in SF? Leave a comment!

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