Saturday, March 08, 2008

Clementine of Clement

Well Clementine reopened 11 days ago, now under the new ownership of Chapeau! chef Philippe Gardelle. I missed out (much like Karamanduka) trying the Didier Labbe (original chef) version so no comparisons. I definitely caused some culinary chaos when I insisted (to myself) on having a glass of Bordeaux which I knew, just knew would clash with my orders.

Lobster bisque. The first spoon was great. The next few spoons were weird. Of course, I have Bordeaux lining my mouth. Some water would clear things up but I still found it hard to get a consistent taste spoon by spoon. That's not a bad thing. But I don't know if it's a good thing either. The lobster flavor could have been brought out more. I wonder if they broil their lobster first...

Sea Bass. Sauteed Bronzini, Yukon Gold Potato Mousseline, Fricassee of Mushrooms, Jus de Poulet, Garlic-Thyme Oil. It was hard to get a "perfect bite" with this dish. You wanted to taste the fish most but the potatoes and the sauce/mushrooms add a lot of flavor. The problem is you need just the right amount of potato to balance the sauce/mushrooms out but too much of either (unbalanced) overpowers the fish so it was a delicate game of... sushi go round?

Creme Brule. This was good but all the vanilla bean was on the bottom =(
Total damage was... a lot. I could have bought food/meals for a week with that bill. It was a good meal but my inner CCM probably will prevent me from going so often. Next up will be the closer and original Chapeau. Hopefully I like that one better so I won't have to walk so far. I also got a free tea cup's worth of some soup. I didn't quite hear what it was but it was creamy and had a small dollop of white truffle oil. Wish I knew how to make it. Was good! And free!

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tsenzen said...

hey very similar to what ive had at campanile when i was in LA a few years back...