Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Creations

So TFB postponed their movie night to Wednesday so I sort of had my own normal movie night. Rummaging through my DVDs I was surprised to discover I had A History of Violence. When did I get this movie? How long has it sat unwatched on my shelf? Why is this movie poster so awful? Ok, I get it. Ooo, we can't see his whole face, it's shrouded not in darkness but behind a gun. But it's also a really awful poster. Maybe I'll "get it" when I watch the movie and get jealous because game ads don't tend to do such in depth ads with hidden meanings that surface post process. Well unless you consider I Love Bees in depth but not the depth I was going for. Look forward to my edited notes. Or if none, I was spot on with my cheesy and awful poster with no depth call.

The other creation of mine tonight is a revisit to a forgotten ingredient:

Gorgonzola. Here is a look at the interesting cheese. It has lots of these mold pockets that give it a marbley appearance.

As such, I sought to create a sauce that mimicked this marbling. Here is my sauce before any Gorgonzola has been added. It has a reduced sake base with creme for the body. Ground pepper and nutmeg for some extra depth and added creamy taste and for faux mold, some freshly chopped Italian parsley.

Gorgonzola can have a strong overpowering flavor so some spears of asparagus are added for both nutrition and tempering.


bittermelon said...

did your pee smell peculiar after dinner? i love history of violence. i think cronenberg and mortensen make a great team. and i love that scene on the stairs.

Yeedeh said...

When did you start liking asparagus? they are good, I told you so.