Saturday, March 15, 2008

Early in the Saturday Morn.

OH YeeeeeeeAH! But not today.

Today is the San Francisco Vintage Fashion Expo

Ummm.... lots of women's clothing.

These swim shorts sure are cute. I don't think I go into the water enough but maybe...

These pieces were also cute. I'm a big fan of ladies 1950s funky fashion. Or what I think is 50s fashion. 60s?

Like that coat with slightly longer sleeves. And this 50s spaceflight attendant outfit.

Neat neck/collar detail, buttons, patterns. Anyways, got some stuff. Not showing you here >__< Was going to go to Dottie's True Blue for Breakfast but I got into the city too late so to lunch...


Ok, across the street. Jen recommends these places.

Lentil Soup

Mint Tea

Lamb Kabob

Afterwards, took a walk in the Marina. Boat Marina in front, Fort Mason in the middle, Alcatraz in back.

Do you know what/where that is? It's the sea orchestra. Or something like that. I forget the real name but it's pretty neat. There are a bunch of pipes installed that go into the bay. The water makes sea "music."

So glad the weather held today. We were actually getting sun showers here and there but it was super sunny.

Marina. Home of fancy houses that will sink in the next big earthquake due to liquifaction.

The house has a pretty extravagant multi-leveled roof patio.

This house has a fabergé egg room.

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bittermelon said...

awww, you also remembered those places as well! i was close to going to the vintage fashion expo, but couldn't make it. too many movies to watch. you didn't say anything about tajine. that means you didn't like it. my favorite there is the beef stew with peas and artichokes. you certainly got around that day.