Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Movie night has us Dancin'

TFB Movie night brings us this gem, Breakin' which probably set the trend of "dance off" films that have spilt into the film sector in the last 5+ years. Breakin' is also the film that Jean Claude Van Damme debuted in. Check it out. Black leotards.

This is the second scene in the movie. Around the 2:18 mark is the most infamous of Van Damme dance moves, made famous in video such as the one below. Beware the sound on this one.

And while I'm on Van Damme... riiiiiiight.

And while we're on Breakin' and Poppin'

Movie two was called Step up 2 the Streets. A modern day version of Breakin' but throw in an uptight music dance school that's too cool for "that street stuff." Everyone in the last scene of this movie now has pneumonia.

The trailer isn't exactly recommended viewing so if you are up tight about wasting time...

Not a waste of time. This Balloon tank is awesome!

And here's the free squirrel I got from the Smith and Hawking sample sale.

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