Thursday, March 06, 2008


Me and Jen went to Tiziano across the street from my place to try out the new joint.

Um... so I forgot to take pictures of the appetizers and salad. The clams were kinda sandy =P and the sauce was a bit salty/spicy for my tastes. I think clam sauces should be strong since I like the texture of clams more than that sea-water flavor. Or maybe clams are just hard to get right for me.

Ribeye (?) Steak. This was done nicely. The polenta was underwhelming. The plating could have been more imaginative. Pretty standard but no points off for that.

Pesto Gnocchi. Ok-Good. Not great.

Jen on the job.

Sesame eye.

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bittermelon said...

kermit eye! i had no complaints with tiziano other than the pile of sand in the clams/mussels.