Thursday, March 20, 2008


Jen invited me to see the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival closing night viewing of The Home Song Stories, a film about a Chinese Australian boy and his relationship with his mother played by Joan Chen. Who apparently lives in San Francisco. I've never seen her and her absence tonight continued that streak. BTW, don't read the IMDB description. It's crap. So is the crap reviewer who didn't get his Hollywood script treatment. The movie really makes one reflect. Well at least it made me deeply reflect about my own life. Which is convenient since I had been pondering this very question with annual reviews right around the corner.

There was an after at the Bambuddha lounge. Not so sure about that name. Your regular fair of drinks and free finger foods and elbow rubbing. Except there were some director elbows in the crowd.

So back to contemplating. Do I need to DO anything with my life? I certainly don't see it going down this path.

It's a path I think most people end up following and it's not terrible. Terrible would be like having your family torn apart. By hungry wolves. Or birthing the anti-christ. But at the same time... I wonder what percentage of people don't follow this path and exceed the norm to do something more? I don't want to say extraordinary even though that's the word. More extra ordinary than extraordinary. Extraordinary sounds too big of a word. But maybe it is the correct word because being rich can be extra ordinary but even rich people end up like that video above.

What will you do with your life? Will you do something extra ordinary?

I have something in mind.

P.S. Thanks for the invite Jen.


Yeedeh said...

So what will you do with your life? inquiry mind likes to know.

bittermelon said...

yeah, not a fan of the name either. bambuddha. gross. that video was so utterly realistic and depressing. it didn't help that the narrator's voice was somewhat grating. thanks for making me so hyper-conscientious of my late 20s existence. as for big picture life questions, i don't want to think about those.