Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday, Bloody Easter Sunday

Boulange de Cole Valley

For a bit of a reunion. Who is our surprise guest? Can you guess before you get down past the food pictures?

Smoked Salmon Frittattattatta. In that category of good but not great.

Fruit Tart. Hard to go wrong with one of these.

Does anyone recognize our guest? It's Alice. She's been in living in SF for about 5 years now but she was originally one of the New York Chinese... peoples crowd. I think the last time I saw her was at a reception for my brother Gabe's wedding engagement. 1999?

I'm not liking my hair right now. It's in the medium awkward length where anything resembling control over it requires many minutes and careful hair product application. Ok folks, Alice says hello to all of you but now she's gonna go deliver her boyfriend some lunch.

Easter Sunday would bring me to McKinley Square near the Potrero Hill area. There is a pretty good view from up here. I think I can see the Twin Peaks of Twin Peaks.

The have an official dog path for you dog owners.

So this is it. It's called BYOBW. Bring your own Big Wheel. As in those plastic kid three wheel low to the ground pedal bikes. The event began at 5pm. Last year BYOBW took place on Lombard St. but I guess due to the tourist pull Lombard street is, it caused too much trouble for the residence that they got angry and made threats. So this year's BYOBW took place on what I feel is an even curvier street on Vermont at 20th st. Here is the street at 4:20

And then at 4:40




After the first run down the hill, everyone mobbed back up for another go. It was A LOT of freakin' people.

View from down below.

View from up top.

Cue Daft Punk: "One more time" I liked the big red bud helmet. It looked so comical coming down the street.

Another decent view of downtown.

Back home, some Portobello Risotto

And the dish I think I will never make again because it's just more food than I can possibly eat and it takes too long to prepare (unless I pre-bake the peppers not-next time) to make for hungry guests.

Here is a video of me cooking in my apron and underwear.

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bittermelon said...

nice blog title. le boulange has a good atmosphere, though the food could be better. believe it or not, rigolo isn't terrible either. anyway, BYOBW is so san francisco.