Monday, March 03, 2008


TFB's Academy Award Movie of the Year goes to Can't Stop the Music. A thoroughly awesome and enjoyable film brimming with cinematic hotgay. And I mean that in the best possible way. It's probably best if you just go and watch it armed only with the knowledge that it's a musical movie. In fact,

you should probably stop reading right now!

What? You are still reading? Sigh. I'm disappointed. But if you must know (and I still insist that it's better the less you know) what makes this movie so awesome is how ridiculous some of the situations are and how blatantly homosexually charged the movie is. Wait, what? Yeah, so given that it's a musical number and it's a homosexually charged musical number, it would come as little surprise that this movie is about the Village People. But not just about the Village People, but all sorts of ridiculous (there's that word again)... things. Ok so maybe you might not like that. Maybe you don't find the humor is a carefully crafted slow crotch zoom because... well really, who does that? That's ridiculous which makes it awesome and funny that someone did.

OK, I approve this clip. It doesn't spoil anything and it is a taste (not the best) of the silliness of Can't Stop the Music.

no, really. don't go any further. you'll just hate yourself for it.

Why are you here? Why do you make babies cry? This may sound strange but the presence of Steve Guttenberg is this movie is freakin' awesome. From his green shirt, white slacks, roller skating entrance, I was tennis fisting this movie from the start. Why am I so excited for the Goot? Maybe because I haven't seen enough of his movies to warrant a blanket dismissal of any of his movies. The ones I have (Police Academy, Short Circuit) seen are awesome. Maybe because I saw them when I was young. But I'll tell you he is actually quite good in this. Quite wired and crazy but what energy! And Bruce Jenner. He's a good sport.

you really don't want to watch this. it'll ruin it for you.

Seriously, this does not do the movie any justice. They are trying to sell the music parts of the movie which frankly aren't the best parts of the film. Plus they show you almost all the music scenes which ruins the surprise. Plus it's filled with spoilers, not that the plot is the most thrilling thing ever but still. SPOILERS! This was all I could find from youtube.

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bittermelon said...

can't wait to talk about guttenberg's scrote/package as presented in the tight disco slacks.