Sunday, February 10, 2008

Suddenly Saturday Night

Dan messaged me for food. I answered the call.

Steve whom we went to Academy with came into town for some relaxation. He kept saying that the Jap Chae was "so good! It tastes like Pepperoni Pizza." heh.

And then we went down-town/nob hill. Soju cocktails at Cafe Royale and then to this clubish-bar place called Swig which had this awful logo that looked like it was made in photoshop. See? That's pretty damn close. I just need to squash it and round out the 'W.' It was a festive atmosphere but consequently crowded. The crowd was good though. Mixed and everyone seemed like they were having a good time. No regular club can't-hold-my-booze-looking-for-fights types. Going to clubs, getting way too drunk, bumping into people, acting tough, and picking fights because you have 5 other drunk friends with you is natures way of saying "don't mate with me."

We stopped by creations afterwards. I got some Strawberry Sago. Sesame Paste for Dan. Digits for Steve. high-five.

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