Wednesday, February 20, 2008

GDC 08

There would be no "It's Ridge Racer, Riiiiiiiidge Racer!" memes this year (but there was a Super Bowl Tecmo Bowl Super Tecmo Bowl)... Microsofts Keynote was just one big marketing stunt =P Great for press but lame for developers.

I resorted to entertaining myself with taking pictures of myself.

Conference pictures are pretty boring. Well, they can be exciting. I guess they are boring when all you do is attend sessions and work. Last year was actually kinda crazy and exciting. Maybe they aren't so exciting when I don't take pictures. Well 2 more days of potential excitement left. Here is one exciting scene, behind the scenes at the Activision Booth in the career pavillion where a wall panel blew in by force of not-careful photographer falling through it.

Less exciting is our broken door. wtf?

Some tasty treats from the Activision Party.

Almond mini-eclairs

Catering was pretty disappointing. Especially when I asked the cater-cook about some of his dishes and he talked up how wonderful they were. Sorry dude!

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