Saturday, February 02, 2008

Food in the morning. Food in the night.

Brunch at the Magic Flute on Sacramento between Spruce and Locust.

Not quite as big or as good as the originals.

Hunter's Scramble

House made Belgian Waffles

And skip to dinner with Dan

Feeling adventurous I ordered the "Korean Sausages" um... why are they black?

Good thing they were good. Here is a close up of the sausage. It appears to have clear noodles in it. We detected a bit of marrowy after taste. Otherwise not sure what's in it. A futile attempt to find out almost had the waitress order another plate of it for us. Eek! Comments welcome. Rain = miserable.


Gabe said...

The sausage is called sundae (pronounced soon-day). That's its normal color, and normal stuffing as well. It is a sausage in that it uses an animal casing of some sort for the outside of the sausage, and I think it does have some meat product in there, but I'm not sure what exactly. This random page ( says there's some blood in there, which would explain both the color and the taste. It's pretty good as I remember it, but probably not something to eat on a regular basis.

Deda said...

You call this a sausage???
go see my sausages hanging from the ceiling of my kitchen man!!! hahahahahaha

bittermelon said...

where's the kimchi fried rice and shortrib stew?