Sunday, February 03, 2008

Eating, 11am --> 9pm Go NY!

This morning I met up with gundammit commenter bittermelon Jen whom I was originally introduced to by not so commenting but sometimes reader cousin Woody. Not only is Jen the cousin of Woody's whacky vachina friends but we happen to share several mutual friends like crazy Thien and not so crazy Lark. We had originally planned to go to Karamanduka near my place for some Peruvian brunch but the restaurant was inexplicably closed with its windows covered in large sheets of paper so the backup plan was to Eddy's in the Western Addition.

The idea of a pork chop for brunch is strange but I had blood sausages last night so let's keep that adventurous streak rolling.

Waiter = Awesome. So Jen had to go do a photo shoot at Dosa for her food thing so I had her drop me off at Japantown where I tried some Frozen Yogurt at the recommended Jubuli. It was not quite the Yogen Fruz I was hoping for but it was still decent. Fruit was just plopped on top instead of blended into the yogurt itself. I should just go to Yogen Fruz but have yet heard of their supposed San Francisco sites being open. A search on their store locators returns zero results. I patiently await it's arrival. Forgot to take a picture. =P

While in Japantown, I ran into Etsuko, Rita, and her boyfriend. They are moving to San Rafael so I'm sure I will see more of them in the future. Until Rita emails her photo...

So I hung out with them in Japantown and we also went to Pacific Heights to do some window shopping. En Route to dropping me off, bubble tea came up and we went to chain bubble tea place Quickley on Clement. Boba was over done =P. I figured I'd just walk home from there until I ran into...

Anthony. We kicked it at 540 and watched the Superbowl. I had to leave at the beginning of the 4th quarter because I had a dinner appointment with my Grandma.

At Yet Wah. Here is some bamboo heart soup.


some meh

more meh

additional meh

Eggplant and pork clay pot. Wasn't bad but it got cold pretty quickly so, mmm~meh

Go New York Giants! Why do I like the Giants? Because when they last won the Super Bowl, I was in 3rd grade and my 3rd grade teacher Mr. Schuka doth declare "If the Giants win the Super Bowl you get no homework!" Plus they are from New York. Plus they are big time underdogs. Plus they stopped the Patriots from scoring a perfect season. Super Bowl champs! The canyon of heros will be a wild place come Tuesday.

Back to our regularly scheduled program...

Uncle "Frank" grew up next to my dad. Does he look familiar?

Red bean soup = decidingly bad.


Deda said...

noooo red bean soup!! Why bad? TT___TT
I haven't had one in ages!

bittermelon said...

geez louise you were on a total blogging blitz. awesome. that's a pretty fun photo of my favorite waitstaff. glad to hear jubili wasn't absolutely appalling. isn't it nice you got dropped off at japantown? it was meant to be.

Nat said...

Yeah, say whatever you need to say to make yourself feel better about ditching me. I'm not offended. heh. When those yogenfruz's open, I'll show you what real froyo is about. Hopefully I will eat froyo and not my words.

red bean was... soapy.

Anonymous said...

Yogen Fruz will open in May at 3 Embarcadero Center.