Friday, February 22, 2008

GDC 08 - Less exciting day

Morning sessions were all duds. I went to the North Expo Hall, got in early with my exhibitor badge and walked around. There was a big mob outside waiting to be let in. Kinda crazy and reminiscent of E3's pre-hours crowd. Played Super Smash Brothers Brawl on the Wii and the Wii Fit balance board games. Tried some weird force feedback arm mouse device. =P Without pictures, my memory is categorizing those events as boring and not exciting. Oh well. I guess I should take more pictures tommorrow. I wonder if I can quantify my happiness by the quantity of pictures I take? Of course, I hate doing those 30-40 picture blog posts. They can be quite exhausting.

End of day. Very tired. Went to the no-thinking Game Design Challenge session. I forget if I've been to one before but it's all for fun and there isn't much to learn. Nothing really surprised me but the winner had a good lead-up presentation. Like me, he came up with a bacteria-based idea for the topic of inter-species game design although he had some business foresight to sell his super powered bacteria to bio-tech and later through audience suggestion, the military. K-ching!

7:00PM - ugh, I have to go into jury duty tommorrow so while Friday was a light day, I will be missing the second half of the day for civil service. And the worse part is that GDC lunches aren't served till 1pm and JD reports at 12:45pm so I will have to fend for myself. Laaaaaazy. T___T

GDC Suite night was disappointing this year as well. Guest lists? Come on! Why is it suite night if we can't mingle and network? Laaaaaaaame...zy.

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bittermelon said...

it still seems exciting tho. hope you don't get an asbestos case.