Saturday, August 04, 2007

Poing! (as sound effect, not mysterious verb)

I finally watched Ping Pong which is one of many movies I own but have not watched yet. It was alright. It was sort of what I was looking to watch last night. I was quite tired this week and while I was hoping for some more comedy, it was largely a more serious but exaggerated version of competitive high school ping pong in Japan. Here is the trailer (with the first two lines translated below).

Peco: I want to be the best ping pong player in the world
Peco: They call me "Peco", but if you beat me, you can call me "(Mister) Peco-san"

A strange story I read about the actor who plays Peco: it was rumored that he had died but in fact he fell off the balcony of his 9th story apartment (drunk?) and survived. A magical fence absorbed much of the impact without impaling him.

Ah yes, my first perfect score since high school. I wonder what I'll eat today...

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